About his Bollywood debut Dil Patang, Mantra says, “It is an intense film that roots down to terrorism. It’s been a conscious decision to accept this offer as one would expect me to do comedy. I want to break expectations as it’s easy to get stereotyped.”
The actor says the struggle was long but worth it. “I enjoyed every bit of my struggle. I never thought that the time isn’t ‘right’ as one has to try all the time. You can do anything as the expectations aren’t too high. The biggest turning point in my career so far would be my shift from the hotel industry to radio. I was in the front office and a wake-up call to a customer changed my life. He liked my voice so much that he asked me to join a radio station,” he says.

What kept him going is that he doesn’t see his work “so much a profession as a hobby, which makes it an enjoyable experience. It’s never the medium, but the outlet that matters,” states the actor.
The man, who does many things together — acting, stand-up comedy, hosting — says that he loves interacting with his audience and that helps him build a connect with them.
About being quite good at comedy, he says, “I never considered it as stand-up comedy. I would say that I am an actor who has a humorous way of doing things.” He adds, “I’m greedy. I want to act, do cricket commentary and host TV shows.”