The guy needs an introduction no more. He’s a theatre artiste, a voluble RJ, an impressive VJ and has the distinction of being the only subsequent RAPA Award winner in the radio industry.

Red FM RJ Mantra unwinds in a chat with’s Nikita Sharma on life as an RJ and beyond.

How was your experience as a debutant actor in Kunal Deshmukh’s â€?Tum Miley’…?

It was not bad, considering it’s my debut. But I didn’t feel out of my depth as I have been doing television for so long  The one thing that I couldn’t figure out was why filmmaking takes such a long time. And now I have figured it out – there are so many different angles and retakes for a single scene! And what an experience! The movie is based on the deluge that hit Mumbai on 26 July 2005. The scene of the floods in Mumbai was recreated. We have been shooting in five feet deep water.

It seems you are enjoying your stint as an actor…

Oh! I loved it. I love the feels of filmmaking. At times, I used to wonder when it would get over but, all said and done, I think I’ll love to have more and more of it, over and over.

Was acting in films a natural progression?

I have always been an actor; I became an actor before I became a RJ or a TV host. I have been doing theatre for 12 years. Performing on stage is in my blood because my mother also used to perform on stage. So yes, it is a different thing now, I am a VJ, I am a RJ and I am an actor also, official…Thappa Lagake!!!

Isn’t life getting hectic?

No… I think that there are yet more places for me to explore. There is much more I can do, apart from these three. But I am trying to take time out from my daily regular radio show and weekly television show. Yes, it becomes a bit hectic.

How deeply involved are you in theatre?

I am an ambassador for the ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) who represent Indian talent on an international level. And I am already working for the UNICEF, the Spastics Society of India, and the National Association for the Blind. The play that I am recently involved with has a lead girl in it who is wheelchair bound, and we are going this play overseas.

Does this mark your contribution towards social causes?

Everything is done for a cause. So every time we do plays, the money collected goes towards the under privileged or for the â€?specially abled’. But then again, theatre is more of a passion for me.