Puranjit Dasgupta, popularly known as RJ Mantra, is all set to host a new show on music channel Sony Mix and he tells us all about it

Known for giving life to many insipid shows and boring characters, Mantra makes sure he lives up to his colourful image while talking to us. So while I struggle to hear him on the phone, battling with the awful network and third-party intrusions, Mantra makes sure he makes the struggle much easier with his audible baritone and his pleasant sense of humour.

Here’s what he has to say about his show, about Bollywood and about conceited TV anchors who think they are God’s gift to the world…

The show is called Tippani, and as the title suggests, I give tips to the audience. I give them inside information about music and try and make their moments beautiful through a song. At the end of the day it’s a music channel. Everybody has a different mood and for every mood there’s a different song. So which song will suit every mood is what this particular show is all about. For instance, if it’s raining, I would give tips on how you can go for a long drive, make the most of the rains and listen to the perfect song that complements the lovely weather. It is basically an interactive show.

The music channels are dying and most of them are turning into GEC channels. It is highly upsetting. The day and era of the VJ is petering out. And I and my friends are still trying to keep it alive. The VJ world will definitely suffer a setback if more people like Ayushmann Khurrana become big stars. I am happy for him, but I think good VJs need to exist. It was such an awesome time when Ranvir Shorey, Luke Kenny, Vinay Pathak, Nikhil Chinappa would entertain us. Even I am doing TV and films, but I do make it a point to do what I enjoy doing the most – that is anchoring – realising the fact that music channels really need a boost at this point in time.